How to Give Your Kitchen an Eco-Friendly Design

Having an eco-friendly home should be a top priority for homeowners everywhere. The amount of pollution we make each year just by running our HVAC systems is over the top. Then couple this with the materials used to build and remodel our residences, which derive from toxic chemicals and endangered wood. Thankfully, there is a way for property owners to better manage their carbon footprint.

Here are a few ways you can remodel your kitchen without feeling guilty (and possibly save some money in the mix).

Only Use Green Building Materials

You can find various manufacturers that offer materials that are environmentally-friendly. This includes reclaimed wood, recycled glass and quartz stone. The more materials you use that are green, the less pollution it will be to create them. You can use these products for cabinets, countertops and flooring.

Opt for Energy Star Appliances

Again, you don’t want to contribute to the amount of pollution being pushed out by power companies. So if you can purchase appliances that use little energy, then you can lessen your carbon footprint. Appliances that are compliant with Energy Star standards don’t consume as much energy, which in turn lowers your power bill. This can be found for dishwashers, fridges, stoves and microwaves. It’s also a good idea to get a hot water heater that warms up water within minutes. Low-flow water faucets will drive down your water bill as well.

Install Solar Panels On Your Roof

Who said you have to rely on energy companies to power up your home? You can purchase solar panels to be installed on your rooftop, which can greatly reduce your reliance on these entities. In some cases, people are able to afford enough to eliminate the power company altogether. Even if you can’t, any little bit of energy you can produce yourself will help your pocket and the environment.

Upgrade to Smart Appliances

Smart appliances can be used to reduce your energy consumption by enabling you to access your appliances using your smartphone. You can turn on and off your stove and even set timers for when you’re not home. If you’re using your computer to set everything up, make sure that your have proper internet security features, so no one can hack into your appliances. You can find great internet security software at Kaspersky Lab CA.

If you’re still planning your remodel, consider hiring an eco-friendly designer and contractor to plan and build your new kitchen.